iPhone 12 you need to know about

By | December 14, 2020

iPhone 12 what’s new ?

Special do it for a bunch of the article who’s developer of halide a amazing my phone camera and and we’re going to mostly be talking with the iPhone filed cameras. So first I just wanted to kind of talk with the phone overall just so the basic Impressions is announced now, and you know what? I think this is obviously it’s going to be a good one. The thing that the thing was going into it with the iPhone 11, it was already so far and away. Way my favourite iPhone and of course it is. They have been getting better as you would expect right just like every other brand of cell phone out there. All the manufacturers are getting better. Each year apples not alone, but I was really starting to get to the point where I don’t know how much more I could ask for and I’m still pretty satisfied with what I saw. So obviously one of the big things that Apple wants us to be talking about is 5G actually in the segment with Sebastian I realized didn’t

Points and even think of it as a pragmatic forgot and you know, I’d 5G is going to matter later apple and especially Verizon they had on stage for a weird amount of time during the keynote really wants to tell us that it is here now, but I wanted a real impact. I was just looking at the 5 G coverage map in my area around Calgary and it looks pretty good. I think although I don’t know quite how to interpret it exactly. I mean, it looks like it. Lists, but will it actually be fast? So I’ll be trying that out soon. Hopefully. My iPhone is pre-ordered. Hopefully, I’ll have one to test in the near future. Honestly 5G isn’t even on my mind that often mostly going off of what other Tech writers are talking about it because I want to talk about it when it arrives. I don’t have a lot to say tell me able to actually experience it so more to come in the future on 5G. What will matter a lot more in terms of speed.

Teen processor that is what’s really significant and exciting and it’s going to affect really everything that the phone does. A lot of the speed of these iPhones is kind of invisible to us. It’s not all about just changing between apps or startup times or you know, refreshing your web browser. This turns into subtle interesting behaviors. They don’t necessarily notice. Like I know that one can remember which one but I think it’s one of the Pro Models now has a smaller battery, but the same Expected battery life that happens by having a faster processor. So it’s able to just efficiencies basically get passed down to the rest of the system and I do want to touch on that experience with the Apple Watch series 6 since I haven’t been able to review it properly yet that it has had such better battery life than the five which I absolutely didn’t expect. I mean, it’s much brighter outside like visibly brighter, but it is lasting much longer to I’m getting a full day and a half out of it.

Is it really I really max out at a day if I wore my watch all day and slept in it the five it was dead in the morning. I had to immediately plug it in. I can’t wear the six all day long sleep with it and get through most of another day. I will have plug it eventually I can’t go full two days, but it’s getting pretty close to days which is amazing. And I think he feels like more than ample even promised. I wasn’t expecting that and apparently that’s all coming from process or improvements in efficiency, and that’s what they’ve been focused on. On with the A14 so there’s going to be surprises and how this works for us some of the stuff we know that it’s been able to do is in terms of Photography the things like the way that apple is going to be doing Rob which we talk about it.

Do Megapixel Matter ?

Here, especially it’s been like focusing a lot on like that paper spec looking at Otterbein 8 megapixels or big zoom lenses and apple is Flawless of flexing their silicon muscle and so they just – oh just like Google does the some extent we have been mostly using like similar Hardware or the same Harbor for a few generations of their pixel phones that the biggest advancements can be found in New and more powerful chips what those chips what to say Does with the out of these cameras there have been improvements and Hardware like the lenses are different ways. You can use sensors is life on 12th, but the real big leaps are coming from that new 814 chip and I look really cool habitation of Photography that to do with them. Sometimes I realize that there are still people out there that are looking at the spec sheets and seeing things like the fact that all of the cameras on iPhone still had 4 megapixels and seeing that as some kind of proof that like, it’s too bad that I phone cameras are still behind but and I don’t know if those people have been worth addressing, but maybe just Take two seconds to if anybody hasn’t party run into this in the mineralized like the big mega pixels in a small sensor are just they’re not important. They’re not necessarily being with sometimes it can have an effect when you decide to upscale it but it’s not it is it is by far not the most important thing those those who just do not are not very usable at their you know, 100 or 50 mega pixel sizes. And I feel like one of the most successful in significant marketing things Apple has ever done.

Is the iPhone Really pro ?

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