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By | January 31, 2021

No adverse crushed. We help you succeed in life. Laoreet now send and receive phone, pay off the bills, buy QR codes or credit card numbers to the purchase supercards network.

What does it say?

UPS send and receive money to your bank account Transfer-bag occurred, or other mass CNIC.

Page News – Get prepaid and prepaid UPSA the preferred number, function and easily download the OMO phone (and other collaborators)

You can sign-up for Supercard Supercard buy the family UPSA program!

Internet bill-payment be for electricity, gas, water deeply and PTCL UPSA into account.

Invite friends – you can invite friends and relatives to UPSA the program and to do it well.

Buy the phone anyway. Now you can easily make your smartphone. : MasterCard QR code to add to the restaurants, supermarkets, mainstream stores or online store, and pay-per-UPS to the app.

It is easy to find an agent, just as there are the merchants of the UPSA: MasterCard, or quali fi ed to find a few clicks to associate.

• Donations Do not give up too easy. Now you can send donations to the charity one example.

Others simply giving the money to pay loans MTag Increasing the Family, save and deliver another.


Therefore, what to look for? Now that your UPS package anywhere!

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