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By | April 10, 2021

Kine master


The best free video editing application! Describe, mix, cut and add quality music!


Kinemaster makes video editing fun on your phone, tablet or Chromebook! Kinemaster makes it easy to edit with many powerful tools, downloaded content and many other videos.


• Import and export project documents (beta, new!)

• Tools for cutting, trimming and trimming videos

• Combine and edit videos, photos, stickers, special effects, text and more

• Add music, speakers, sound effects and sound accessories

• More than 2,000 downloadable transitions, effects, videos and pictures, stickers, fonts and animations from the cinema property

• Create incredible visual effects by canceling, accelerating, slowing down and applying mixed events

• Use color filters and color adjustments to separate video filters

• Color correction tools to edit and enlarge videos and images

• EQ memory for surround sounds, duck opening and voice mail

A basic frame animation tool to add motion to layers

• Send 4K 2160p video at 30 FPS

• Share food and stories, YouTube food, rolls, stories and more on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook!


• More, more features, options and settings!


Using KineMaster is completely free, but you can unlock more with your KineMaster Premium subscription! The subscription takes the back of the cinema and offers an ad-free experience. Tap the crown on the Home screen for more information.


Find out why the creators love Kinemaster for YouTube, Tikitock and Instagram, and why journalists, teachers, marketers and educators use it professionally! Download Kinemaster to edit and share your perfect videos!


Kinemaster Premium premium subscriptions will be automatically renewed as long as you do not delete them from Google Play.


Tap Frequently Asked Questions on the Cinemas Master screen for more information. If you can’t find the solution you’re looking for, contact Kinemaster by clicking the email support button below the text of the questions.



Filmora Go


The best free video editing program with high quality music, transitions, mixes, cuts, emojis


★ FilmoraGo – Free HD video editing and features the best video producers, text, sound, emoji, special effects, filters, backgrounds, etc.


FilmoraGo is a complete video editing program with powerful tools. With this video editing program you can create a meme, create photos, images, music, tags and videos with audio effects on YouTube, Instagram, Tick Tokyo, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. Edit for video.


ለምን Why is FilmoraGo video editing software?

The video editing program is simple and practical for film directors and beginners alike.

– Cut and cut the video. Pro video recorder and cutter and video production app.

– Share YouTube, Facebook feeds and stories, Instagram feeds, stories and more!

– Apply color filters to identify your video

– Cut video and send in HD quality, adjust your video and image to any traditional ratio.

– There are no water signs / advertisements after VIP renewal


★ Music and recorder

– Add background music, play MovieGo, or use your music.

– Remove music from videos.

– Create artistic subtitles in different text styles and fonts.

– Fade back, volume up and volume control functions are available.


★ Text and labels

– Add text to the video to convert it to different fonts

– Add cartoon stickers and emojis

– Add custom characters and images to your videos and photos.


ቀላል Easy to share

– Customized quality of video exports, HD video management

– All social apps are YouTube, Instagram, IgTV, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tick Talk and so on. Share your daily life with others on social media!







ድ Try it now with address selection erraza simple movie creator green screen and video fx!


As an expert, experts quickly and easily create amazing and high quality videos.

PowerDirector is the ideal mobile editing application with clips for movie-type movies to create videos for your latest adventure or share unforgettable and unforgettable moments.


You will find the perfect videos to impress you with a large number of powerful editing tools and an easy-to-understand and simple API that are updated every month.


Use the single stock library to share photos, music, and sound effects on YouTube, Instagram, Talk, Facebook, and Snapchat to become the next star.


Solve your creativity. Create high quality professional videos – fast.

PowerDirector is built quickly and efficiently. Optimized conversion for 64-bit devices is easier, faster, and more fun. Look at your imagination and create amazing visual videos whenever and wherever you want.


Pulling powerful adjustment tools:

[New] Keyboard Controls – You can adjust the sharpness, rotation, location, and size of the image and mask image.

1. Edit and send videos up to 4K resolution *

2. Pre-or slow-motion videos with speed control

3. Adjust by stabilizing the camera

4. Create interactive products with animated themes

5. Apply strange sound effects to the sound converter

6. Replace the green screen with the editor using the chrome button

7. Create stunning 2D effects with video overlay and blending modes

8. Upload directly to YouTube and Facebook and share with your friends


A powerful editing tool for creating all kinds of videos:

• Easily cut, sew and rotate videos

• Thoroughly check brightness, color and satisfaction

• Apply jaw effects and transitions by procrastination

• Combine photos and videos in several lines in one clip

• Add text or cartoon titles to your video in seconds

• Add an editor with a built-in speaker to your mobile device

• Create video and photo collages with PP covers *

• Enjoy hundreds of free templates, video effects, filters, background music and sounds.


* Supported devices only.


Unlimited updates, features and content packages with PREMIUM.

Access to all necessary professional tools through alternatives:

• Premium exclusive content (color filters, captions, links and video effects)

• Multimedia content – for commercial use (music, photos, stickers, video, sound)

• Powerful editing features and editing tools for the best speed and video quality for movies

• No advertising and no distractions

• Enjoy unlimited access to wireless free downloads from our huge library and Schutterstock. Ideal for creating great video projects with hundreds and thousands of video, photo and music professionals


What are you waiting for? Now try PowerDirector and see all the video editing tools available on mobile devices and the richest movie filters and effects.

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