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By | April 11, 2021

Ludo star game



Ludo games are very popular in conversation


Yalla Ludo, the voice chat app allows you to play Ludo or Dominoes online with your friends.


Real time voice chat

Talking to the player; You can enjoy meeting new friends and playing games by talking.


Only different game modes

Ludo has two modes. 1 ON mode 1, 4 player mode. In each season, classic, Master There are four games of fasting and magic.

Domino: Wrote about five in all.


Easy to play with your friends

Play online and offline with friends in private and in-house rooms. Enjoy the game together!


Speak in groups for the players

In the chat room you can find more players from around the world and exchange game ideas. You can invite other people and friends who play Ludo & Domino in the chat group. Enjoy your time in Yalalud.


We will continue to deliver the best photos and exciting games that you can live with every day.



Pubg mobile



Placing a new map of Karachi with extreme brutality creates a sense of familiarity


The first strange battle of the Royal – better than the first.

The best Battle Royale game chosen by over 1 billion players worldwide.

The famous Playercon Wars are only available for mobiles. Play for free anytime, anywhere. Pub Mobile offers free mobile fitness games. To fall, to dress and competition. Learn the original 100-player battles, landing, 4v4 team races, essential zombie survival strategy, ultimate victory. Fire your volunteerism as you work.


Work – walking is done with an impractical motive. Play high-level games while walking. Provides HD graphics of functions and 3D text. It is equipped with electronic equipment, teaching methods and voice conversation. Learn more about cell phones, real-time events, weapons.


Map of the great wars. From Orange to Miramar, from Weekend to Sunhock, they fight on the same battlefield, day, day / night fiercely, from city to tundra, jungle, the secret of every battle. Make your way to success.


Depth of room. From classic 100 player mode to exciting transfer mode to Deathmatch Lightning Arcade D4V4 mode and zombie intensive mode. There are some things for everyone. There are some things for everyone. Solo game, double team group. 4. Throw the gun into your heart. Become just a wolf or play with tribes and answer calls for help. They offer FPS (first person shooter), TPS (third person shooter), multiplayer multimedia games, real weapons. Get your best advice to finally go.


Regular groups – Daily activities like publication updates, monthly updates make PUBG more accessible, extras. Strong mechanism The main mechanism of our deception is for people to play by the rules when the game is right.



Become a hero! Go to a legendary place, shoot and draw!


Become a hero! Find your way to pass, shoot, and legendary status while exploring your hero’s dramatic career in over 800 challenging stages!


Busy free flowing 3D score! You can control your actions with the game. Share in control or bend your shots to the corners of your precision defense against the ball for an accurate mobile soccer experience.


Download and play for free today!




Level 800 Level and Count

• Win prizes, win trophies, score goals, change clubs, represent and honor your country!

Attend regular programs for medals and glory!

Make a new score! The engine that activates more free and tactical game than ever before!

Easy game, tough

Beautiful 3D graphics, cut scenes and animation

Customize your hero for a unique look and feel

AI Intelligent AI speeds up and makes different media available to everyone.

Connect with Facebook and compete with your closest friends!

See who’s better with Google Play achievements and rankings!

Sync between devices with Google Play Cloud!

A story of players making your entire career as a player attractive!


Seize opportunities, score goals and become a hero!



* This game is free to play, but you can buy additional content and items for the game for real money.

* This app uses Wi-Fi or mobile data (if available) to download game content and ads. You can disable the use of mobile data for this game in Settings / Mobile Data.

* This information contains advertisements of third parties. Unknown ads are disabled when buying game currency in the store.

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