Digi Khata – Udhar Khata apk download – Fasturdunews

By | May 25, 2021

Digi Khata – Udhar Khata apk download – Fasturdunews

Pakistan Khata Digital Book No. 1 – Turn Your Business Into Digi Khata

Digi Khata (General Bookbook) – Now is the time to replace your traditional Udhaar / len den khata account with a new digital account. It is 100% free, safe and secure for all types of businesses and events. It is an addictive activity for anyone who has life experiences that allows them to record these experiences while walking, in the office or at home, at any time and in any other way.

Digi Khata - Udhar Khata apk download - Fasturdunews

Digi Khata – Udhar Khata apk download – Fasturdunews

This is the pride of Pakistan

Who can use this program?

Anyone can use this program at any level to manage their own credit, personal or business finances, however it is very useful for business and small business.

Here are some groups of companies that can run their businesses as follows:

Pan shop, tea shop, cigarette shop

Kiriana store, general warehouse, food

Pasta shop, fruit shop, vegetable shop

Jewelry, sudara, gold events

A general pharmacy is a point of sale

Sooter sends plain yarn or linen fabric

ᲢClothing store

Credit book management

Mobile Phones (Easy Payment & Returns) E-Shops (Especially Small Business)

It is a reliable program that turns your regular events / records into digital records and report.

Digi Khata – Udhar Khata apk download – Fasturdunews


. This project has the following features:


Free, safe, secure and reliable

In any case, your SMS customer has a free SMS service

Choose a payment date for your customer

Send WhatsApp history to your customers

Send the account to the customer via WhatsApp

Keep your lenses / cards with your friends and family

Use your contact number as your card / notebook

Keep the bus safe

Download your PDF advertising program

Lose full security and recovery in case of phone

With this quality card program you can:

Find your loans easily, reliably and efficiently

Add New User Digi Khata

Change user information

Modify / change previous events in your Digi Khata application

Delete events from your client’s email account

Call your customer directly to recall the amount paid from the Digi Khata app

You can send a refund or payment to your customer via WhatsApp.


Digi Khata – Udhar Khata apk download – Fasturdunews

Easy and reliable storage of Digi Khata data and graphics

A simple, easy and affordable way to manage your Udhar Khata

Take your events anytime, anywhere

This is a digital wallet

All their gift books, safe and secure

Software accuracy and reliability are reliable and trustworthy

Download the app on your smartphone and download your stats regularly 24/7 for free.

Steps to increase customer base

1- Download the “DigiKhata” app from the Google Play Store
2- Add a new user from your contacts list (your address book and user list)
3- You can now pay or receive from your customer
4 – Make sure DigiKhata takes care of your reputation right now

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